Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Link Strategy Intro

Hi there and welcome to this Linking Strategy Series.

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As I mentioned earlier, I was introduced to Linking approximately three years ago. My first experience wasn't very successful, but I knew that there was something in the technology so persisted and followed what ever areas I could that would reveal more on this powerful subject.

I finally uncovered this technology when a good friend asked me to type in the keyword "miserable failure". When I did I was amused to find the Official White House web site right up there at number one. This is where the site sat for months until finally it was torn down by demand of the US Government upon Google.

You can now read remnands of the above phenomina if you search under this same keyword. You can probably pick up some great tips there as well on what afterwards becam known as "The Google Bo….!" Whoops, can't say that word on the spam filters.

So what is a link anyway?

A link is a set of words that is on a web site that when clicked on will open up another web site. Hence we say that the link is pointingtowards the web page that it opens up. Google and other search engines value links very highly. So if you have a link that is pointing to your web site, then that is a good thing as far as the search engines are concerned.

Secondly, someone may even click on that link and then visit your web page.

OK! So I am going to leave you in suspense a little bit here and make you wait for the various tips over the following weeks. There are a number of lessons to bring you and I really need to ensure that you absorb each one of these one at a time as they arrive. Each one is just as important as the next and you should consider each one as a building block to your linking strategy.

The curriculum of this strategy is as follows:

1. The Basics of Linking.

2. Sources of Links.

3. Blogging and Links.

4. A Hidden Technology.

5. A Powerful Network of "Kaos."

6. Choosing your niche.

7. Google's Powerful Tools.

8. Results.

9. A surprising but easy number one.

I will also continue to keep you update with various other technologies and updates as they come up and the industry evolves. The main thing that I do want to instil upon you is to have fun with your linking strategies. It is very satisfying to suddenly see results from the work you have put in earlier. Especially from areas that you didn't really expect to make business from.

Be patient, as sometimes it takes a little while for the search engines and then for visitors to find you. But do not give in. They will find you and the right type of visitors as well.

I hope you enjoy my first lesson coming soon, The Basics of Linking.

Warmly, Mike King.

PS. Make sure that you make a file and keep these lessons grouped together so that you can refer back to them at any time.