Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Whole Family

Liam, who is the really cool guy in the middle was looking at some of my townview rope access photographs. Liam then asked me, "Where am I?"

So, here he is.

Liam Ray King, is in the middle.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Got RSS Working

I managed to get RSS Feeds working on my Mike King web site tonight.

This is really exciting as I have heard that this is a great help for SEO and I am very much looking forward to getting people to join my Pod Cast.

I am also working with Lee Bahn who is going to help me with the video hosting and production that will be part of my regular video pod casting. I had a good look at the quality today and am extremely pleased and feel that viewers are going to get an awesome height birds eye view of Sydney from the tops of all the best buildings in the city.

Hope to see you soon, Cheers, Mike King.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Some Great Rope Access Shots.

I have got some great shots this week that I will be putting up over the weekend.

From 52 Floors High to some great Lower Level Rope Access Works.

All on the adventures of Mike King Blogs Podcasting Series.

See you over the weekend.

Cheers, Mike.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

mike king blog

Just a daily log on the action packed lofe of Mike King.

Today is actually a public holiday in Sydney so I am home with my little boy and just relaxing.

I had a little spare time so I decided to write a little policy in for Townview on an issue that need to be confronted in this type of industry which is drugs. I have now clearly delineated the company policy on drugs which is basically a no tolerance policy. This includes drugs prescribed by so call "Docters" and Psychiatrist that they calim to "help" people with their mental condition. With my first hands experience with these people unfortunate enough to have been given these anti depressant type drugs I really know that they are troubled souls and now have a bigger mess than ever to try and sort out.

Anyway, we now have a clean company and I intend to keep Townview in that condition under the guidance of strong policy on this issue. In an isdustry like our where we are hanging from ropes and have a large responsibility for safety this is the only way.

Good, I feel better now.

Cheers, from the episodes of mike king blog and the future podcast adventures to come.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Home with the Boys.

Hi Guys;

Another log from the adventures of mike king blog.

Just at home today with my three year old Liam. He have his little nate Basian over and the boys are enjoying A Sharks Tale on DVD.

Anyway, I hit in on mike king on Google today and found myself at number 2. Pretty cool. All I have been doing is blogger once every day or two and hyping up ready for my up and coming pos casting show. I will probably have to set up a few site for the different areas that I want to dominate, but for now I will jsut work slow and steady with this.

I am also excited about my first project with IMC. This I am pretty sure will be I am sick of hearing about the path of destruction that is being caused by the psychs and so called "doctors" that are make a packet of mine from drugging our kids. Mainly ritalin and dex-amphetamine are the main product that these guys are pushing and I want to get as much traffic as I can that will direct parent toward real solutions like physical examination, diet, allergy and even literacy being a major cause of confusion and upset in our kids. Just a little side project that will hopefully save lives.

I have to do some trials with Pod Casting to see how to upload video footage, etc, and get the great pisture of Sydney and other locations out for broadcast. I am working with some of the top guys in the country and look forward to bring the best to you in action and adventure.

Ok, Signing off from the archives of mike king blog.

Cheers, Mike King.

Friday, June 09, 2006

A Week Of Rain.

Yep, This week has been a week of rain.

We also seemed to have a heap of guys out with the flu. My self and my little sun included but we didn't really care as we spend three days inside watching Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, Sharks Tale, Thomas The Tank Engine and many other great classics all fit for a mighty three year old.

I have to admit that since spending five days in Melbourne with Pete Simpson things have been a big change here in Sydney. My business really seems to be settling down into working with the people of my choice and my team has all the members that I get along with very well. Off course they are not all saints but all good fun.

I have been working with one of my long time friends Dennis to start his personal Admin Scale. That is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. We are just going through and making sure that all of the works are properly understood in preparation to finding a basic purpose and then building a solid Admin Scale around that. Dennis originated to me after clearing up some words that he suddenly feels very calm. I decided to end off at that point and let him have that win. Great to be able to help out the guys that you are working with. We all benefit.

On another note, I have to go into elance tonight and place a bit up for a web designer. We are looking for a really hot designer that can firstly do our intro sales page with opt in features and then who will also be able to set up out forum software. The site is going to be This is going to be the hottest new forum on the planet with all the best stories about last night. I'm sure we will pull in some awesome stories.

Ok, chat later.

mike king blog signing out.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dan and Fiji Joe.

I don't believe it. Just got out of bed to do a quote as I could sleep and I couldn't resist. I had to add a blob. When I hit Post, it lost the lot and sent me into noman's land. Try again guys.

Ok, Blogger is moving a bit quicker tonight.

Here we have Joe and Dan both carrying out brick colouring for Nawkaw Australia. This job was a huge challenge but the boys all got throught it with an excellent result.

If you want to check out Nawkaw as a product, go to

Cheers, Mike King.

from the pos casting episodes of mike king blog.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

mike king blog

This is why I believe that this is the number one mike king blog on the planet.

This is the source of the most action packed pod casting broadcast soon to be seen across this planet. You wait and see the locations that we will be taking you.

Stay tuned. Rope Access, High Rise, Sydney Harbour Action, It is all happening in the best city on the planet.

Cheers, Mike King.