Saturday, June 10, 2006

Home with the Boys.

Hi Guys;

Another log from the adventures of mike king blog.

Just at home today with my three year old Liam. He have his little nate Basian over and the boys are enjoying A Sharks Tale on DVD.

Anyway, I hit in on mike king on Google today and found myself at number 2. Pretty cool. All I have been doing is blogger once every day or two and hyping up ready for my up and coming pos casting show. I will probably have to set up a few site for the different areas that I want to dominate, but for now I will jsut work slow and steady with this.

I am also excited about my first project with IMC. This I am pretty sure will be I am sick of hearing about the path of destruction that is being caused by the psychs and so called "doctors" that are make a packet of mine from drugging our kids. Mainly ritalin and dex-amphetamine are the main product that these guys are pushing and I want to get as much traffic as I can that will direct parent toward real solutions like physical examination, diet, allergy and even literacy being a major cause of confusion and upset in our kids. Just a little side project that will hopefully save lives.

I have to do some trials with Pod Casting to see how to upload video footage, etc, and get the great pisture of Sydney and other locations out for broadcast. I am working with some of the top guys in the country and look forward to bring the best to you in action and adventure.

Ok, Signing off from the archives of mike king blog.

Cheers, Mike King.

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