Sunday, June 25, 2006

Got RSS Working

I managed to get RSS Feeds working on my Mike King web site tonight.

This is really exciting as I have heard that this is a great help for SEO and I am very much looking forward to getting people to join my Pod Cast.

I am also working with Lee Bahn who is going to help me with the video hosting and production that will be part of my regular video pod casting. I had a good look at the quality today and am extremely pleased and feel that viewers are going to get an awesome height birds eye view of Sydney from the tops of all the best buildings in the city.

Hope to see you soon, Cheers, Mike King.

1 comment:

Xooma Water said...

Well done Mike.

I am going to try and get it going for

I am looking for a feed to suite. Hope that I find a good one like party or something.

Anyway, your site looks schmick and the content is very relevant to Sydney.

Cheers, Hangover Crew.