Sunday, June 11, 2006

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Today is actually a public holiday in Sydney so I am home with my little boy and just relaxing.

I had a little spare time so I decided to write a little policy in for Townview on an issue that need to be confronted in this type of industry which is drugs. I have now clearly delineated the company policy on drugs which is basically a no tolerance policy. This includes drugs prescribed by so call "Docters" and Psychiatrist that they calim to "help" people with their mental condition. With my first hands experience with these people unfortunate enough to have been given these anti depressant type drugs I really know that they are troubled souls and now have a bigger mess than ever to try and sort out.

Anyway, we now have a clean company and I intend to keep Townview in that condition under the guidance of strong policy on this issue. In an isdustry like our where we are hanging from ropes and have a large responsibility for safety this is the only way.

Good, I feel better now.

Cheers, from the episodes of mike king blog and the future podcast adventures to come.

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Xooma Water said...

Well done mike king. No.2. Not bad.

Will be a toast when you hit No.1. Just one more step buddy.

Be good to knock off the other Mike King as he has posting turned off. Not fair mate.

Goa hard bro.