Friday, November 07, 2008

Internet Progress

I have been working on this site for a few months now and am getting close to the linking stage.

The number one ingredient of a web site is good, relevant and individual content. Lots of it. Once you have about 45 pages of more, then it is time to start your linking strategy. You want to be accepted by the bigger guys if you expsect to have creditable links and get a good page rank. A corny two, three of four page site is not going to attract much of the big guns.

So first off is knuckle down and write. The only way for a writer to make it any way is to write. All the "secret formulas" in the world dont add up to anything unless you have the courage and persistence to actually site down and write. Lots of pages.

I have been enjoying the SBI Site Build It hosting service. It has incredible video tutorials and with step by step guidance, it really takes you through the adventure of building apowerful web site. One that is a web business.

I will keep you updated.

Warmly, Mike King.

Friday, October 10, 2008

our drinking water

Hi Guys;

Been flat out for the past few months and as you can see, haven't placed a blog up for a long while.

I have been working on my new site . I have been having a lot of fun with this site and writing a heap of articles about different water articles.

But, Friday night and Maureen is ready for DVD Time. Anyway, check out my site and let me know what you think.

our drinking water

Cheers, Mike King

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Link Strategy Intro

Hi there and welcome to this Linking Strategy Series.

If you want to receive this series on a regular basis, just follow this link: Link Strategy..

As I mentioned earlier, I was introduced to Linking approximately three years ago. My first experience wasn't very successful, but I knew that there was something in the technology so persisted and followed what ever areas I could that would reveal more on this powerful subject.

I finally uncovered this technology when a good friend asked me to type in the keyword "miserable failure". When I did I was amused to find the Official White House web site right up there at number one. This is where the site sat for months until finally it was torn down by demand of the US Government upon Google.

You can now read remnands of the above phenomina if you search under this same keyword. You can probably pick up some great tips there as well on what afterwards becam known as "The Google Bo….!" Whoops, can't say that word on the spam filters.

So what is a link anyway?

A link is a set of words that is on a web site that when clicked on will open up another web site. Hence we say that the link is pointingtowards the web page that it opens up. Google and other search engines value links very highly. So if you have a link that is pointing to your web site, then that is a good thing as far as the search engines are concerned.

Secondly, someone may even click on that link and then visit your web page.

OK! So I am going to leave you in suspense a little bit here and make you wait for the various tips over the following weeks. There are a number of lessons to bring you and I really need to ensure that you absorb each one of these one at a time as they arrive. Each one is just as important as the next and you should consider each one as a building block to your linking strategy.

The curriculum of this strategy is as follows:

1. The Basics of Linking.

2. Sources of Links.

3. Blogging and Links.

4. A Hidden Technology.

5. A Powerful Network of "Kaos."

6. Choosing your niche.

7. Google's Powerful Tools.

8. Results.

9. A surprising but easy number one.

I will also continue to keep you update with various other technologies and updates as they come up and the industry evolves. The main thing that I do want to instil upon you is to have fun with your linking strategies. It is very satisfying to suddenly see results from the work you have put in earlier. Especially from areas that you didn't really expect to make business from.

Be patient, as sometimes it takes a little while for the search engines and then for visitors to find you. But do not give in. They will find you and the right type of visitors as well.

I hope you enjoy my first lesson coming soon, The Basics of Linking.

Warmly, Mike King.

PS. Make sure that you make a file and keep these lessons grouped together so that you can refer back to them at any time.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mike King passes Level III Assessment.

This should have been one of the most gruelling weeks of my life.

Each three years it is re-assessment time for my IRATA Level III Supervisor Certificate. This is something that all Level IIIs around the world have to go through. For those of you who are wondering who IRATA is, they are the international governing body for idustrial rope access or as in more commonly know, abseiling for a job.

The weeks consists of getting drilled by Leigh Greenwood at .

Leigh basically treats you like a peice of shit for the first two days as it is drill time. And nothing would be worse than not being ready when the assessor turns up on Friday to check out your stuff.

The assessment goes something like this. The assessor gives you a number of "almost" impossible tasks to carry out like difficult rescure scenarios and other group tasks where you also have to demonstrate that you can supervise and direct other technicians of lower levels.

I was lucky this week to have five great Level I techies who climbed more like experienced Level IIs. These guys could walk the walk and talk the talk, so I had no problem with them carrying out the task that I had set out for me.

The day goes quite rapidly, but the crunch comes down to this. Two minor discrepancies and you are out. A Miner is a point of attachment that is connected, but not done up. One major and it is the end of the game right there. A major is to go onto one point of attachment. This is a massive no no, with two points being the minimum allowed for safety purposes at any time. Also, failure to be able to carry out a taks will leave you with a not competant as yet.

42 next month and the whole team gave a big wooooh! when I called out my date of birth for the assessment completion certificate. My rescues were floorless with zero mistakes made. I guess that I owe Leigh for a hard week in the gym ensuring I earned the result I required.

Mike King, Level III IRATA Supervisor. Only 35 Months and 28 Days till the next assessment. But who's counting.

Cheers, Mike King.

If you want my news letter, log onto my site as

I have some great stories.

See yah!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mount Isa

Just got back to Brisi after a ouple of days up in Mt Isa.

i was only up there to get information and contacts in the Mines areas looking for rope access work.

Instead I found myself pulling over to the site of the road to takes shots of some amazing outback. Ant Hill, Rocks, Rivers, Cliffs and The Dam. So beautiful.

Got a little thirsty so I kept up the water.

I could have stayed for a week no problem.

Will put some shots up shortly I promise.

Cheers, Mike King.

Mount Isa

I had a couple of days in Mt Isa and just returned.

I thought that it would be a real bore and I would have to wax it and keep my tone up.

What I found was an awesome location and great people. I went there to get information about the various mines of this town and to get some photos, etc. Rope Access Work is what I was looking for.

Instead I found myself pulling over at the side of the road on various locations to take outback photographs of ant hill, rivers, the lake, boulders, trees and lovely wild life. I was sort of touched and found myselft this afternoon just lying under a tree in the shade enjoying peaceful tranquility.

Could have stayed for a week.

Promise I will put some shots up soon.

Cheers, Mike.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have started to realise the purpose of this blog that I have been posting away on now for the past three years or so. These are the diary entries that I love to share with the world.

You cn actually just write the words and publish your life the way you wand it to be. I have been experimenting with this using Admin Scales based on the works of L Ron Hubbard. One very exciting component of Admin Scales (That is Administration.) is that you can write things the way that you want them to be. And where you do that is in the section that covers your Ideal Scene.

There is a whole technolgy for Ideal Scenes that can be found in the Administration Volumes written by Mr Hubbard, but how I define it for me is that I write exactly how I want things to be. I write it in proevent time context and then I bring it into reality. I am all for making the world fit into my reality and not having to adjust to survive or to the ideas of others.

I have read some great biographies and short articles by some fantastic successes. What I foud in common was that they all are writing their own stories. They pay little attention to the discouragements and "advice" of those who would not like to see you succeed in life. There is just stuff that they want to do so they do it.

Well believe me, this stuff is like white lightning. But be warned, write down your ideal scene with a clear statement of hhow it is. Write it in the now. If you write it in the future presence, then it will stay in the future. It is written so right!

I spent the last three days touring the NSW Outback to visit some gold and copper mines. I met some very interesting and professional country people and they were very pleased to hear about our services. I took full advantage of this trip and brought Maureen and Liam along for the ride.

Our adventure took us across some geourgeous country side and we ended up at Nanny Kings house just in time to get inside before the storm hit.

This is the Rainbow that greeted us when we arrived.

Look forward to posting again shortly.

Cheers, Mike King.

PS. The Dish is Awesome at Parkes.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Benefits Of Drinking Water!

Now let's have a look at the benefits of drinking water.

There are so many benefits to you body for drinking water that it actually would be impossible almost to name them all. It seems quite simple. We get thirsty and we have a drink. If we don't then we get dehydtated and feel fatigued. Simple right!

Well there is so much more to water than meets the eye with this precious fluid that we take for granted, that when we take just a little closer look we actually start to find a life phenomina that will totally blow your mind.

If I told you that water is alive then you would probably laugh at me right? You probably already are and are starting to think that this writer is crazy. Yeh!

Well I am going to bring some more amazing fact to the table and this may completely change the way you look at and actually treat this amazing life source.

Did you know that water responds to emotion? Proven fact. Water changes structure relevant to the emotional communication that it is receiving.

The structure of water has been photographed by an incredible Japanese researcher called Masaru Emoto. The photographs are a complete blow out.

If you communicate to water in an angry or upsetting way, then the structure of the water, which has an amazing crystal like formation like those of snow flakes, become dispersed and confused. If you communicate the water in a very positive way with warm emotion, the water structure forms beautiful clean crystal stuctures.

Our bodies are 70% water as has been proven by Science, so can you imagine that 70% of you body is in a confused physical structure if you are upset or being abused. No wonder we see such distraught looks upon people faces day to day.

But let me put it this way. The water that we generally drink travels a very very long way. It is pressure through taps, treated and then poured into a glass, mixed with some toxic solution and poured down somebody's throat. How do you think that the structure of water is going to look after such ignorance and abuse?

Probably a small thank you might make all the difference in the world. Give the water a minute to calm down after you have thanked it and then drink it down with great appreciation. It may just be that little bit more pleasing to drink.

Happy drinking.

Warmly, Mike King.

You an find more great information in Masaru's great book "The True Power of Water."

how much water drink

How much water drink? or How much water should I drink? what ever way you want to ask this question, has so many variables, that it really is an impossible question to answer.

What if I am drinking water on the Nort Pole? What if I am suffering from dehydration in the Amazon? What if I am at the tail end of an Olympic Marathon and although I am dying of thirst, I know that I don't want to fill my belly with a bloat full of water as I will just crumble down and my muscles will just turn to jelly.

What if I told you that you would be better off to drink just one glass of the correctly structured than you would b to drink two litres of water out of the tap. That's right! It really is very similar to a car. You an put a cup full of fuel into the engine and it will run cleanly for the time it takes to use up this cup. Or, you can pour a gallon of polluted "fuel" into you tank and the next thing you know you car is dying of fuel poisoning.

The largest potential market on this planet at the moment is the water that we drink. Join be and find out out to find that magic cup of water you body is screaming for.

Warmly, Mike King.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

how much water should i drink

Well, is finally up. This site has been a mamoth task for me, but while on my lovely Taiwan holiday I have been able to snatch a few hours to get the copy for this water site up and running.

I will just have a drink of cool water while my by Liam says something for Nanny King.

Liam Says: 1m vwqdvxhwfdedgjfvqjevfweqyefdsetdvdxbddmdmddhsnsnsssnnsdehver3uev

Chow chow.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mike King. Tips for Dragon Air.

PS. Note for all travellers.

If you run into this same dilemma and you are wondering what to do.

1. Do not try to apply for a VISA. This is the wrong step and you will wait in line for about 2 hours with no result.

2. Do go to the Australian Consulate and get a 7 month extension on your passport. They are very friendly and will process it on the spot. I dressed smart and I am sure that this helped.

3. If Dragon Air tell you that there are no seats and you are on Stand Buy. Check for flights with China Air. The ticket is directly transferable.

4. After you miss the China Air flight because you were not on the ball, and after you abuse the Dragon Air staff for not informing you that you could have transfered your flight to China Air. And you have made them all feel really bad, Get yourself on the Stand By for Business Class as well. You will definitely get a seat. It only cost about $100 AU more and you are basically in First Class. Makes you feel really important and luxurious.

It worked for me.

Happy Travelling.

Warmly, Mike King.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Coffee in Hong Kong.

Well! I have been having coffee at Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong. Other than being good coffee and great hot chocolate, they also have free internet for their patrons that buy coffee. This has been a god send and has cost me one coffee and two hot chocolates for about 4 hours on the web so far. Not much else to do in Hong Kong on transit.

So how did I get here. Well I landed in Taiwan on Saturday night and was informed, after an unusual look by the young officer and being sent to the main desk, that I am a default passenger. Apparently recently a few of the Asian countries have taken on this policy that a passport must have at least 6 months left before expiry to allow entrance. I was unfortunately 18 days overdue.

I was amazed that it took this far for me to be informed of this as I had been through 4 checkin points via my airline and customs back in Sydney. Fortunately the immigration officers at Taiwan allowed me to speak with my wife and give my 4 year old boy a big huge before having to purchase a Dragon Air ticket to Hong Kong for passport extension. The Immigration Officer commented "A Moment Of Truth." as my some held me for at least one minute before relaxing back to speak with me.

I had the passport rapidly approved today by the very helpful staff at the Australian Consulate in Pacific Centre Hong Kong.

So here I sit awaiting Standby to Taiwan and in 53 minutes will find out the verdict. There is a later flight as well, and then not really sure. I don't think that Hong Kong Airport will allow nightly camp overs like Tom Hanks in Airport. Perhaps the cleaning staff can give me a job.

Anyway, it has been quite an adventure and interesting to spend a couple of nights in the "high class" Beverly Hotel in Wang Tsai. It is the type of Hotel where you can pay by the hour as per services required. Anyway, it was only 1 block away from the consulate and cheap. I did manage to get the ladies at the desk to smile briefly as well and she gave me a $70 Hong Kong Dollar discount on my 1 hour overstay.

Back to the internet, I did have a bit of time to catch up on my internet marketing putting a little more pressure on the keywords that I am working. I surprisingly found a little niche that had been untouched. I will let you know about this in my newsletter when I get back into Sydney. You know! Holiday secrets.

I also stumbled across a little project that I had been meaning to work on last night and it went together like a peice of cake. I made my first movie last night with Microsof Movie Maker. It was just a slide show of Liam with a few cool shots I have taken over the last year or so and blended it in with U2 Elevation. It was very simple and I suggest that you give it a go to liven up your family albums. You can also blend in video & voice overover as well.

It is interesting to watch on the TV the American Election campaign on the CNN all over the place. I am sure that Hong Kong has a huge interest in the American government and economy, so it really is a hot media subject at the moment.

As a father, I am only interested in a leader that will abliterate the rediculous use of Bombs and Psychiatric Medication in an effort to bomb and drug this planet into submission. Destroy the lives of million and squashing the minds of our future leaders. With such human interest on our planetary stabilisation, is really is in the interest of the US citizens to ensure that a sane and worthy leader is posted that is willing to stand up and get on with the job. We all follow American trends with loyalty as of a heard of sheep at times I am sure that you will agree, but if you don't start to get serious about being the opinion leader of this planet, I am sure that we will all be quite fed up with following such a rediculous example.

A woman president! Could work.

A Black President with bold enthusiasm for change! Sound like a nice lift in tone. Let's see how the outcome goes.

OK! That is enough of my political viewpoint. I will be following with blogs and great picture of my Taiwan Tour. I noticed that Blogger now has video, so I will give it a whirl.

Bye for now.

Warmly, Mike King.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Accidental Champion

I have done the hard yards for the past 10 years. The rope access industry in Sydney is a very rewarding one and you really get to meet some great people. But as your body starts to get older, it is highly recommended to start looking for an suppliment income to take the future demand of physical exersion out of the equasion.

It is quite funny to be sitting here typing out my own press release, but this is actually a press release that is well deserved for those that are really looking for a better future and a way to gain control of their destiny.

In the last 18 months I have seen my company transform into a leader in the industry and at the same time form into a truely dynamic productive group. We have expanded to a group of 12 with ages ranging from 18 to 60 years of age. Our youngest technician Tom made his debut with a great article going out through and other great article sites. You can see his post and get an idea of what this guy is achieving at

But this is not what this press release is all about. I in a way stumbled across my success on the net and I was in fact not really looking for a way out, but rather a way of letting the world know what it is that I and my great team of technicians do. What resulted from this little side project was that I became the accidental champion. If you can call No.1 Posistions in Google a Championship Position, then this is what has occured.

With so many world champions in the world today, let us take boxing for example. In the good old days there was only one champion. An there were only the main weight divisions of say lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, etc. Now we have divided these into three and there are about five different versions of the title world wide. We kind of have dozens abd dozens of "world champions".

Well, let me tell you, that on Google and many other search engines you to can be a world champion. There are literally thousands of pocket niches just waiting to be filled by the latest champion. How do you become an accidental champion on Google? Well you just find your niche ad fill it.

Have a look at these following keywords. Go for them if you please:

texas make money onlinepaid
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answering survey online best place to find
earn money taking survey online
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internet the best internet investment
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These 11 keywords are just waiting for a new champion. Dozens of surfers are typing these keywords in every day and let me tell you, the competition is pretty week.
Give them a shot. I will. If you would like a hand, let me know. The next accidental champion could be you.

Warmly Mike King.