Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mike King. Tips for Dragon Air.

PS. Note for all travellers.

If you run into this same dilemma and you are wondering what to do.

1. Do not try to apply for a VISA. This is the wrong step and you will wait in line for about 2 hours with no result.

2. Do go to the Australian Consulate and get a 7 month extension on your passport. They are very friendly and will process it on the spot. I dressed smart and I am sure that this helped.

3. If Dragon Air tell you that there are no seats and you are on Stand Buy. Check for flights with China Air. The ticket is directly transferable.

4. After you miss the China Air flight because you were not on the ball, and after you abuse the Dragon Air staff for not informing you that you could have transfered your flight to China Air. And you have made them all feel really bad, Get yourself on the Stand By for Business Class as well. You will definitely get a seat. It only cost about $100 AU more and you are basically in First Class. Makes you feel really important and luxurious.

It worked for me.

Happy Travelling.

Warmly, Mike King.

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