Friday, January 11, 2008

The Accidental Champion

I have done the hard yards for the past 10 years. The rope access industry in Sydney is a very rewarding one and you really get to meet some great people. But as your body starts to get older, it is highly recommended to start looking for an suppliment income to take the future demand of physical exersion out of the equasion.

It is quite funny to be sitting here typing out my own press release, but this is actually a press release that is well deserved for those that are really looking for a better future and a way to gain control of their destiny.

In the last 18 months I have seen my company transform into a leader in the industry and at the same time form into a truely dynamic productive group. We have expanded to a group of 12 with ages ranging from 18 to 60 years of age. Our youngest technician Tom made his debut with a great article going out through and other great article sites. You can see his post and get an idea of what this guy is achieving at

But this is not what this press release is all about. I in a way stumbled across my success on the net and I was in fact not really looking for a way out, but rather a way of letting the world know what it is that I and my great team of technicians do. What resulted from this little side project was that I became the accidental champion. If you can call No.1 Posistions in Google a Championship Position, then this is what has occured.

With so many world champions in the world today, let us take boxing for example. In the good old days there was only one champion. An there were only the main weight divisions of say lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, etc. Now we have divided these into three and there are about five different versions of the title world wide. We kind of have dozens abd dozens of "world champions".

Well, let me tell you, that on Google and many other search engines you to can be a world champion. There are literally thousands of pocket niches just waiting to be filled by the latest champion. How do you become an accidental champion on Google? Well you just find your niche ad fill it.

Have a look at these following keywords. Go for them if you please:

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These 11 keywords are just waiting for a new champion. Dozens of surfers are typing these keywords in every day and let me tell you, the competition is pretty week.
Give them a shot. I will. If you would like a hand, let me know. The next accidental champion could be you.

Warmly Mike King.

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