Saturday, May 20, 2006

Call from Joely.

Just got a late call from my georgeous 14 year old daughter Joely.

I always love to hear from her, especially when it is late at night and she just calls to talk or share something that she might want to be heard.

All I want to say is: Joely, I hear what you say and follow your own Code Of Honour. Listen to your heart and keep your personal integrity in. You will never go wrong if you do so.

And you always know that you can call you dad any time, any place.

Love Dad.

Dynamics of Existence

Another day in the archives of Mike King Blog.

Today we really had a fresh look at the Dynamics of Existence. This really clarified why I have these urges within leading me toward areas in my life and wanting to create in these areas. I actually am these urges. It is not like I have these urges and have to try to keep them under control or something.

This is really fascinating as when I am in good shape I have a really strong urge toward creation and survival in some area of my life. I am away from my wife and family at the the moment and I have a definite urge and amount of attention toward Maureen and Liam up in Sydney and how they are doing. Well, it is more like this. I am a strong urge towards my wife ane little boy and cannot be anythong other than a caring unit for them no matter where I am.

Well, this is all a good win and philosophical chat but but this really is extremely valuable information. I know that when I am looking at a guy I may be wondering what type of shape he is in on his 1st Dynamic. How well is he able to care for himself (ie. 1st dynamic.) and do I want to have this guy in my vacinity. On quick and easy inspection I can just look at the areas of his life and see where he is at. His stuff is messy, he is unhappy with his wife and kids and he has compiled a good handful of enemies along his line. This stuff isn't just happening around him by accident. It is incident to him because these are his dynamics. The world around him is a mirror reflection of his dynamics. He is the generation unit causing his area to be this way. A new view hey!

OK, I am gonna sign off for tonight and go watch a movie. I think the Serenity is on the 8:30 menu. Chat tommorrow.

From the adventure ofMike King Blog.

Cheers, Mike King.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Townview New Premises

Well, another awesome day here at Org Tech with Peter Simpson.

This guy is extremely able and has really pulled me through a big pile of shit today. Again we spent the day going through one major datum which was Purpose. Yes, yesterday was Goals and today is Purposes. These are all cleared up now and we are really ready to get chomping into some majow progress today.

It is really funny when you look and all of this and how it fits in with life. You look and all of the dynamic activity and you see life. We have plants and trees growing that are animated by this force of life. We have groups working together working as one. Somehow they all work together to be the parts that make up the whole purpose of the group. This is life. We have great large buildings and constructions that come into existence that came from the origination of always one man or woman. These are now flooded with prosperous activity. This is life.

We stand backand look at it all. Over whelmed it may seem like a big confusion that seems like a big mess out of control. But with some basic hatting it suddenly all comes into clear view and you can see the life emanating from all the motion. Well, what else could be causing this motion? Nothing other than life.

Well, I don't want to get heavy or anything so I will leave the philosophy at that. What I am excited about at the moment is all of the choices that I have right at this moment. It looks like I am taking my company into the next league and really becoming one of Sydney's leading rope access companies. It seems that we have secured a wharehouse location for the company that I feel is probably one of the best strategic positions you could get for a company of our type. We will with this premises have room for running a full blown rope access company of cause set in a prime close to the city industrial / commercial area. We will now be able to carry out all of our training in house and will be able to offer a location for other technicians to come across and practice their rope access skills free of charge.

What is very exciting is that we are also looking at setting up a retails outlet from the shop front that this building also has to offer. We will be offering the provision of harnesses, anchors and fixing products, rope access and climbing equipment and some other key equipment relevant to our industry. This is a service that Sydney does need and will only enhance the survival of the Sydney Industrial Rope Access Industry.

I will put out notice and an invite when we have this confirmed. PRobably opening 1st July this year and look forward to seeing you there. Bring your gear for a climb and bring your resume so we know who you are and can make you feel totally welcome. Hope to see you there.

Cheers, Mike King.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mike King in Melbourne

Hi Guys;

Mike King here. Down in Melbourne with a good friend Peter Simpson. Peter is a WISE (World International Scientology Enterprises.) Consultant. Peter really know how to help businesses expand with the use of Mr Hubbard's Administration Technology.

Peter is training me over the next week on the application of Administration Scales in order to help people find their basic purpose and from that point be able to lead more fulfilling, happier lives.

Is this true? Can this happen? Absolutely. I recieved a personal Admin Scale about a month ago and since then have been buzzing along happily creating many ways to expand my life.
Yes, life is a great game, but only if you are doing what YOU are doing. Not what somebody else thinks you should be doing.

If you are slightly interested in this then ask your self this question. "What was I doing when I was really happy?" I don't know, but what ever it was it must have been aligned with you basic purpose or you wouldn't have been enjoying yourself.

Any other questions, drop me a line:

Chow for now.

PS. I just tried to put a post on another Mike King Blog but he had no posting setup. Stuck up nerd was only going on about techi shit anyway. Hey Mike King! I am coming after your spot so look out.

The real Mike King. or mike king what ever the SEO likes best.