Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dynamics of Existence

Another day in the archives of Mike King Blog.

Today we really had a fresh look at the Dynamics of Existence. This really clarified why I have these urges within leading me toward areas in my life and wanting to create in these areas. I actually am these urges. It is not like I have these urges and have to try to keep them under control or something.

This is really fascinating as when I am in good shape I have a really strong urge toward creation and survival in some area of my life. I am away from my wife and family at the the moment and I have a definite urge and amount of attention toward Maureen and Liam up in Sydney and how they are doing. Well, it is more like this. I am a strong urge towards my wife ane little boy and cannot be anythong other than a caring unit for them no matter where I am.

Well, this is all a good win and philosophical chat but but this really is extremely valuable information. I know that when I am looking at a guy I may be wondering what type of shape he is in on his 1st Dynamic. How well is he able to care for himself (ie. 1st dynamic.) and do I want to have this guy in my vacinity. On quick and easy inspection I can just look at the areas of his life and see where he is at. His stuff is messy, he is unhappy with his wife and kids and he has compiled a good handful of enemies along his line. This stuff isn't just happening around him by accident. It is incident to him because these are his dynamics. The world around him is a mirror reflection of his dynamics. He is the generation unit causing his area to be this way. A new view hey!

OK, I am gonna sign off for tonight and go watch a movie. I think the Serenity is on the 8:30 menu. Chat tommorrow.

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Cheers, Mike King.

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