Saturday, May 20, 2006

Call from Joely.

Just got a late call from my georgeous 14 year old daughter Joely.

I always love to hear from her, especially when it is late at night and she just calls to talk or share something that she might want to be heard.

All I want to say is: Joely, I hear what you say and follow your own Code Of Honour. Listen to your heart and keep your personal integrity in. You will never go wrong if you do so.

And you always know that you can call you dad any time, any place.

Love Dad.


maskey said...

hello Joelys dad im dayle i just wanted you to no that ur lil girl loves u very much i wish that my dad loves me as much as you love her and shes lucky to have a father like you well i just thought u would like to no that the way other people hear about the way u feel about your daughter is inspiring to one day have a relationship like yous have but with my own father...
love dayle joelys friend

Xooma Water said...

Hey Dayle;

Thanks mate, I do love Joely like crazy and know that she will kick ass as she goes through life.
You know, your dad probably feels the same for you but just doesn't know how to express it to you.
Some dads just are too scared to say this stuff even though that is what they really feel.

Any way, kick ass and see you later.

Cheers, Mike.

Leslie said...


I was just going over your site and seen the photo of "your whole family". Obviously this is not the whole family, how many kids do you have?

My parents split up when I was about 7 and my dad remarried a few years later and had children to his new wife (the step mum from hell) and he always refers to his new family as his only family. I am 16 now and was wondering how Joely feels when you post statements like that on your site. Does she mind or don't you have a very good relationship.

I was just wondering!