Friday, March 14, 2008

Benefits Of Drinking Water!

Now let's have a look at the benefits of drinking water.

There are so many benefits to you body for drinking water that it actually would be impossible almost to name them all. It seems quite simple. We get thirsty and we have a drink. If we don't then we get dehydtated and feel fatigued. Simple right!

Well there is so much more to water than meets the eye with this precious fluid that we take for granted, that when we take just a little closer look we actually start to find a life phenomina that will totally blow your mind.

If I told you that water is alive then you would probably laugh at me right? You probably already are and are starting to think that this writer is crazy. Yeh!

Well I am going to bring some more amazing fact to the table and this may completely change the way you look at and actually treat this amazing life source.

Did you know that water responds to emotion? Proven fact. Water changes structure relevant to the emotional communication that it is receiving.

The structure of water has been photographed by an incredible Japanese researcher called Masaru Emoto. The photographs are a complete blow out.

If you communicate to water in an angry or upsetting way, then the structure of the water, which has an amazing crystal like formation like those of snow flakes, become dispersed and confused. If you communicate the water in a very positive way with warm emotion, the water structure forms beautiful clean crystal stuctures.

Our bodies are 70% water as has been proven by Science, so can you imagine that 70% of you body is in a confused physical structure if you are upset or being abused. No wonder we see such distraught looks upon people faces day to day.

But let me put it this way. The water that we generally drink travels a very very long way. It is pressure through taps, treated and then poured into a glass, mixed with some toxic solution and poured down somebody's throat. How do you think that the structure of water is going to look after such ignorance and abuse?

Probably a small thank you might make all the difference in the world. Give the water a minute to calm down after you have thanked it and then drink it down with great appreciation. It may just be that little bit more pleasing to drink.

Happy drinking.

Warmly, Mike King.

You an find more great information in Masaru's great book "The True Power of Water."

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