Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mount Isa

Just got back to Brisi after a ouple of days up in Mt Isa.

i was only up there to get information and contacts in the Mines areas looking for rope access work.

Instead I found myself pulling over to the site of the road to takes shots of some amazing outback. Ant Hill, Rocks, Rivers, Cliffs and The Dam. So beautiful.

Got a little thirsty so I kept up the water.

I could have stayed for a week no problem.

Will put some shots up shortly I promise.

Cheers, Mike King.

Mount Isa

I had a couple of days in Mt Isa and just returned.

I thought that it would be a real bore and I would have to wax it and keep my tone up.

What I found was an awesome location and great people. I went there to get information about the various mines of this town and to get some photos, etc. Rope Access Work is what I was looking for.

Instead I found myself pulling over at the side of the road on various locations to take outback photographs of ant hill, rivers, the lake, boulders, trees and lovely wild life. I was sort of touched and found myselft this afternoon just lying under a tree in the shade enjoying peaceful tranquility.

Could have stayed for a week.

Promise I will put some shots up soon.

Cheers, Mike.