Friday, February 20, 2009

Drinking Water

I have been working on my water site and have been amazed at the results and the amount of traffic that is starting to swarm through this site. This is by far the fasted and most successful site I have ever built.

I have been applying Ethics Condition Formulas to this site of which has been Affluence for the past three months straight. Affluence means a an abundance of basicall heaps coming in. The condition formulas can be found in Indroduction to Scientology Ethics Book written by L Ron Hubbard and found at any Scientology organisation or even online.

This formula has been key for me as it has taken the "think" out of what I should be doing and to just always do the right actions to ensure the success of this site.

Also, the hosting service is of excellent quality and most importantly provides full online video tutorials guiding you every step of the way. You can get a breif overview here:

Anyway, I was just in here to place a few pages on my
Lord of Water

Blog. The full novel was first written and published on Our Drinking Water, but is now available for all to read on Google at

I hope you enjoy this fantasy fiction as much as I have writing it.

Mike King