Saturday, August 01, 2009

Been a While!

I have sort of come to one of those breather spaces when you have been busing building and are now starting to see the results produce income and stabilize at an acceptible level.

The secret is to jut start writing and working. It is so easy to sit up at your laptop and start looking around at diferent ideas that try to decide on which direction to take. But the next thing you find is that two hours have gone by and you have not produced a simple thing.

I of course would not be guilty of such!

Well! Maybe just a little.

So number 1, pick that subject that you know you are interested in and that you will not lose interest. And START WRITING. Write losts and lots of individual pages based on what you love and are very good at. Base each on of these pages on a particular keyword, and don't stop until you have finished writing dozens and dozens of pages.

Don't worry, onve you get started, you will really start to build the momentum. Don't worry about what anyone think. Just write your heart out and you will even begin to amaze yourself at how much knowledge and creation is coming from within yourself.

The Best Part!

This is seeing you traffic statistics starting to grow. People across the globe are reading your pages, clicking on the Google Adds placed on your pages and going to your affiliate sites. The more you write, the more they come. You will also see a growing number of return visitors. Image that. A Global Fan Club. You bet.

I am coming close to the major completion of my water site. . This has been the biggest adventure for me and really gives me an awesome feeling of acheivement. I have written many, many articles throughout this site as well as writing a Science Fantasy Fiction about the newest and most exciting hero that is very well needed at this time. Lord of Water.

You can follow his full journey at I will also have this in PDF format shortly for you to download and enjoy in printed copy if you wish. I have no problem for it to be freely distributed across the globe.

One day, I may have a published copy and signing copies for this best seller. Then the movie. Wow!

OK! Dinner is on the table.

Do well and start now.

Warmly, Mike King.