Monday, April 24, 2006

Back in Australia and Back On The Ropes

Hi guys;

Sorry about the hold up in getting back with the rest of the adventure.

I am telling you, Taiwan is absolutely amazing. The time we spend in the mountains soaking in the natural mineral wter was just sooo soothing.

We shipped back to KaoShiung to wrap up another week with the family and then skipped over to Hong Kong for four nights on the way home. Hong Kong is georgeous. I was ready for the big Communist Interigation at the airport, but I couldn't have been more wrong. This place was pure friendliness and service. Just go. You won't regret it.

Anyway, it is well and truely back to reality now here in Australia. We have bad to go like the clappers as one of our main clients slowed down a bit after Christmas, but this has only helped up in means of expanding out to other clients. The new year with Townview is looking extremely exciting and I am now in the process of setting up a NEws Letter for Sydney that is of the like never soon before. It will include interviews with top Rope Access Technicians from leading Sydney Rope Access Companies.

Pod Casting is the next area of excitement that we are looking into. This is a whole new area of traffic and has barely been touched. I have an abundance of stories here in Sydney and with only the stories within Townview there is enough to fill the next six month.

I will be testing the quality of Pod Casting and see if we can get some quality video up for some extreme locations and work positions. I tell you what, the guys you meet on site will amaze you. One of my guys, Jez, despite being a Level III Supervisor, he also is a Champion Bull Fighter. Just one story along the line.

Ok, Chat soon.

PS. Apologies to the guy waiting for the video of Coconuts. I promise I will get it up.

Cheers, Mike King.


Xooma Water said...

Nice site mike king. I would be very interested to see the brick colouring photgraphs when you get them up.
Let me know at

Chow for now.

Xooma Water said...

Come on man. When are we going to see the videoof the legendary Coconuts. No surfers in the water.

Can this Mike King Dude even surf at all?