Friday, July 14, 2006

Killer Sales Copy

I have just been going through the Killer Sales Copy Chapter in 'Insider Secrets' and have been completely stripped of the idea that I wouldn't be able to write sales copy.

The point is that truth is what gets across. If you really mean what you deal in then it comes across to the reader. Believe in what you do and others will just know that you are fair dinkum.

One of the great things that I have discovered in this chapter is that Sales Copy is not and art or talent. It is a science. This is something that I really can think with. I want to be able to learn this skilluntil it becomes an ability and then I can apply it to any area that I wish to succeed in.

People want help and they want good value. There is nothing at all wrong in using effective copy to guide them through and help them to make a correct decision. If this were not true then a 100% money back guarantee would send you broke and you would thoroughly deserve to.

Chow for now. Mike King.

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