Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mike King trip to Tainan.

24th Jan, Maureen and her sisters took me to Tainan to experience a legendary all you can eat Sushi Restaurant. It is called San Her Ooh - Top House or something like that. This place completely lived up to it's reputation as you will soon hear.
As we drove into Tainan I really noticed a big change in the appearance of the country and the people. The streets are cleaner and everyone looks busy as they should be. I thought, probably the local government in Maureen's home town suck as well as this place seemed to be going ok.
Now we entered the Top House Restaurant on the 12th Floor of Down Town Tainan and man it is an experience. The layout of the restaurant is mind blowing with georgeous timber structure all through the roof top and kitchen buffet layout spread through to choose from. Fresh fish stacked in ice with Chef waiting ready to barbeque on the spot. Deserts like dream haven swirls. No shit though. All fresh and high quality.

After agreeing about ten times that we were all full and then going back ten times for just a bit more, then coffee and then a bit more I made the move to stand so the rest would follow. Maureen said "Mike, are you ready to go?" Yep. So we left this 12th floor food haven probably tanked with anough food to last a week. Ha ha.

We then trucked off to a clothing shop that Wun Ling knew well to get some clothes. To my surprise and having to put two and two together the girls had no intention at all for me to get any clothes at all. Strictly girls fashion. Well, Maurren chose some georgeous stuff and I totally approved ofallthe fashion parades. Two hours later the final selections had all been made and it was time to head off. I then witnessed a one haour process of bargaining, inspecting, folding, laughing, packaging like you wouldn't believe. I actually cognited that this is the havingness of women and who am I to take their pleasure away. I just chilled out with Liam playing on the footpath, "accidentally"breaking a pot plant and having fun. We all finally jumped into the car and headed back to Gang Shang Town. While driving Maureen gave me a nice head but and acknowledged my patience.

One thing that seemed a little strange was that the shop, arcade and streets were completely absent of customers. 75% of the shops were closed and it was a bit like Sunday afternoon in Australia when weekend trading hours didn't exist. Maureen confirmed what I was thinking in sharing what the shop owner had told her. 70% of businesses had closed down and what was a booming area has become completely stagnent over the last three years.

We headed back home and decided to pick up a rental car ready for an East Coast trip in the morning. I had been looking forward to the East coast for months now as after visiting it 5 years ago found some of the most beautiful coastline I had ever seem. After the last two days I was now edging to get out of this place and into some fresh mountain air and clean sea breeze on the East Coast. Wethen headed back to Ma's for a quick dinner, hard to believe, and then bed.

Tomorrow better be the start of a real holiday.

I am finding this trip interesting though as after applying LRH Admin Technology to my business for the past two years and having startly results it has given me an new viewpoint on looking at businesses and the condition of peoplein general. The condition of Taiwan has dropped and there is an underlying cause. This is not a mystery. There is definitely a lie or three that has to be dug out and a correct formula applied to the downward condition that this country is in.

Stay tuned for East Coast.

ML, Mike King.

(ML = Much Love.)

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