Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shocked As Usual.

Mike King here and landed in Taiwan.

We were welcomed at Kaoshiung Airport wormly by Maureen's family. After saying hi to everyone we headed back to Maureen's sister's place for bed. We have our own room on the forth floor. Up we headed and grabbed agood nights sleep.

The next day we woke to rain and we decided to take a trip to Kaoshiung to take Maureen's dad for a checkup and a look around the city. AS I looked around while driving I really noticed that the condition of the country has seemed to drop. Also the tone of the people. I didn't say too much as I may have still been tired from the trip, but later that day Maureen mentioned the same thing. The "reason" that seemed to come up was that the current president is a covert prickand doesn't have the balls to run the country. It seemed like the spirit of the country had been knocked out. What was to me a few years ago on the last visit a high toned nation had turned into an agreement of apathy and hard time. I think that they are all waiting for the president's term to end and then get the country moving again. Maybe they should have thought of that before the country voted him in for a second time about 18 months ago. About a stupit as the US with Bush. Anyway, I was starting to think that this was gonna be the tone of my holiday, but I am sure that some big surprises were install.

Maureen and I have been thinking of setting up a business in Taiwan and possibly purchasing a property in Kaoshiung and operating out of the city. We spent a couple of hours in the central park and although very beautiful the prospect of living there seemed to bring up pictures of getting along in a suppressed area. I chased Liam around the grounds for a few more minutes, changed his smelly but and we jumped back into the car. We then headed home to Mum's place to take the old fella back.

When we arrived I was a bit more awake a more able to really check out the scene. Maureen's parants have a fairly large bloke on the main road with about three townhouses joined together and a little length of shop front that Maureen's mum sells food for the factory workers out of. Again it seemed that the spirit of the people had dropped down to apathy and I felt like I was visiting a slum area. Everything was dirty and on top of that the wholehouse was like a bomb had hit it with major renovations still in progress. The whole family seemed over worked and the rest of the neighers in the street all looked like shock treatment vistims or something. Really strange. Anyway, tomorrow we were headed off to Tainan for a bit of a shopping and food blits so see how the day fairs.

Chow chow, Mike King.

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