Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mike King trip to Taiwan

Hi guys;

Mike King here and just as it has been a mad but very productive year. Now for the first time in aboout 5 years it is time for a real holiday.

If you are new to my life and would love to take a loog at what I have been up to, take a peek.

Well anyway, this is the start of my holiday to Taiwan log.

Why Taiwan? Well my wife and business partner Maureen is from Gang Shiung Town in South Taiwan. You will find Maureen on the Window Cleaning page of site above. She is bending down cleaning some class. I have some other great shots of her but I will have to get them up later.

Ok. We flew out of Sydney and went via Singapore to Taiwan. Great trip but really only a time to catch up on movies and rest up for the holiday. Our little guy Liam was awesome for the wholetrip and didn't dramo the whole way.

See my next post for continued.

Chow chow.

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